Sound Cards

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that I have finished researching and writing my latest addition to the blog. This is an extensive article to be found (as usual under the knowledge menu item) that covers the thirty year history of the development of PC sound.

As you will have gathered from my previous article, I absolutely love music, why I’m listening to some right now as I write this post. I felt that a great companion to my Audiof(PH)iles article (also under Knowledge) would be to chart the history of the development of sound cards.

I hope you enjoy the article it’s certainly a great deal more technical than I would ordinarily post, but I guess that leaves ample opportunity for future articles. 🙂

GPU Article Added and Updated

Hi all, I apologise for not getting the chance to update my original GPU article for quite some time. This was attributable to what looked like a massive DDOS attack being perpetuated either against WordPress or somewhere further upstream of the ISP’s network.

Needless to say I am now proud to present the completed article, and I hope that you find it entertaining and informative. As with all the stuff I generally write it’s not just a nerdgasm over the latest and greatest in tech, but an exploration of were the modern tech really started to emerge in modern Computers. I will probably write a supplementary article detailing the progress of 3D hardware development over the past 20 years but for now this should suffice…

Enjoy!!! 🙂 (As always you’ll find it in the Knowledge menu item)