RAM – The balancing act of 1 and 0

A new year!

And a new blog post. I have been largely absent from this blog for a large amount of time, for which I apologise, but due to a very low non-existent readership despite some interesting content it is easy to become demoralised. Having said that I wont improve readership by failing to post new content and ideas, so here at last is an article covering the history of RAM. I go into some detail about RAM, and its function but not how it functions since I want this to be accessible and not a lesson in Physics! 🙂

Eventually I hope to produce an article dealing with modern memory components, the different types, speeds and so on but today I will reveal the story of how we got here while wishing you all a Happy New Year! As always you will find my article under t he knowledge Menu. I intend to re-categorise and update my blog categorisation as I add more content.

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