An Introduction.

My name is Andrew and I am 20 year veteran of the IT industry. I was born in Northern Ireland and with work I have traveled the world, I currently live in Australia. Throughout my career I have built, programmed, installed, upgraded, managed, developed, supported and swore quite frequently at computers. 🙂

I am married with no children and two cats,don’t worry I wont turn this into a crazy cat person blog, there are plenty of those around already! My wife suffers from an incredibly rare genetic disease that unfortunately has impacted her life to such an extent that I have had to stop work and become her carer. Since becoming her carer, I have been thinking about and searching for an outlet to further my love of all things tech and finally decided that a blog is a good place to start.

There are many tech blogs out there, I will try to make this one a bit more distinctive and a lot less confronting.

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