Audio F(PH)iles

Music and the reproduction and playback of audio is a history of technology unto itself. I absolutely love music, and while I was writing my article on Hard Disk Drives I made a personal note of how similar an LP record player and early Hard Disks resembled each other.

This led me to explore the murky world of audio, from its analogue days, to its digital future. Music has underwent incredible transformations over time led in part by drug culture and the possibilities heralded by new technology. Sadly though the industry has more or less stagnated, held almost to ransom in terms of fidelity for the sake of pushing low quality files that are not worth their weight in bytes.

You can obtain high quality versions of classic albums that put to shame the pap that iTunes passes off as quality reproduction. But how did we get to this point? I invite you to have a look at my latest article on Audio.

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