Welcome to Kosmos’ Technology Blog. 

This blog aims to be not yet another jargon filled minefield of technological by-words, but a resource for people who stumble across or even wish to take up a more hands-on approach to the computer technology that makes life not only possible, but worth living.

I love technology, computers in particular and to this end I even manufacture my own machines. I aim to not only share my passion for technology but also to instill an understanding and love for it within this blog. I hope that this blog will not just be a reference but an authority, offering you the knowledge you need to feel confident with technology.

This isn’t just simply about tech, but fun and passion. Each of us encounters some form of technology in our daily lives, from iPads to computers, from consoles to set-top boxes, from televisions to computer displays. I aim to provide as much information as I can on the technologies that I use and the technologies that I find a strong interest in. My ultimate hope is that those who follow this blog will not feel intimidated by technology, but informed enough to not only seize control of it but to love it with a passion.

Technology is an enabler, through it I can communicate my ideas to an audience I could never reach through other means. I can achieve goals that were unheard off even as little as a decade ago. I can entertain and profit from it, I can educate and evangelize about it. Here the jargon will be explained, the details of what makes tech tick will be revealed and with a little patience and even love I am prepared to show you the how.

My real name is Andrew, and I welcome you all to my technology blog.

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